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About Me

While earning my degree in Molecular Biology & Genetics from UC Berkeley, I spent two years teaching a student led college course on emerging stem cell technologies, and was also involved in a program guiding K-12 kids in applying real biology laboratory techniques.

After graduating, I spent two years at a biotech startup out of San Diego focusing on precision oncology.

Soon after, I returned to my passion of teaching and have since spent several years as an educator.

In my free time, I enjoy a variety of hobbies and pursuits, including music production, video production, and writing.

My goal is to push each and every one of my students to their fullest potential. I do this by not only ensuring my teachings and approach are tailored to every student’s personal needs, but by demonstrating one thing: I deeply care about their goals and success. Working together, I aim to mentor better test takers, critical thinkers, and more perceptive and well rounded individuals.

Learn more about my unique approach to learning.


Itamar Patek




B.A. Molecular Biology & Genetics 


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Claudia GrassoClaudia Grasso
06:41 10 Feb 24
Itamar is thorough, patient, articulate, explains concepts in an easy to follow manner and really connects with the learning styles of his students.
Deborah WilsonDeborah Wilson
23:42 06 Feb 24
Itamar is an exceptional tutor. My children have been working with him for two years and their progress since meeting him is remarkable.Itamar is thorough, patient, kind and has a complete depth of knowledge in all subjects. He teaches and explains assignments so that the student does not feel overwhelmed or stressed about the work. Rather he helps them find confidence in their abilities which in turn gives them the push they need to achieve and succeed beyond their goals.I cannot recommend more highly! 10/10! He’s the best.
Delilah WilsonDelilah Wilson
02:57 05 Feb 24
I've been meeting with Itamar for over two years, and I can easily say he is the nicest and most understanding tutor I've ever worked with. Since meeting him, he has helped my grades so much. His teaching style is always personalized to each student, so each student can learn best suited for them. I've tried meeting with other tutors and it never worked quite as well. It really made it obvious how much effort and work Itamar puts in to make sure his students succeed. I couldn't recommend him enough!!
Kevin HoodKevin Hood
09:47 17 Jan 24
Itamar is by far the best tutor I have ever worked with. He explains very in depth, makes material easy to understand, and is also just a really nice guy. My recent test scores have increased a ton and he is the reason for that. I really appreciate how hard he works and does everything he can to help. Overall, just been a great experience working with him these past months.
Sammy MararSammy Marar
16:26 12 Jan 24
Sam NelsonSam Nelson
03:58 12 Jan 24
I'm thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Itamar! As a tutor, he always displayed outstanding expertise in teaching, particularly excelling in guiding me through the challenges of AP Biology and AP Statistics. As someone who struggles with ADHD, Itamar’s personalized approach to teaching and in-depth knowledge significantly boosted my understanding of these subjects. His friendly and supportive demeanor created a comfortable learning environment where I felt at ease asking questions about any topic. I highly recommend this service for anyone seeking top-notch academic support!!
Finn TaggartFinn Taggart
22:48 11 Jan 24
I am a junior at CCA and recently just took the ACT. Itamar tutored me for 3 months, and in that time brought my score up from a 29 to a 35, really blowing away my expectations for what I could achieve. Throughout this, he was maximizing my time efficiency by isolating aspects that I really struggled with while also avoiding just assigning me hours of busy work practice that I couldn't fit into my busy, stressful schedule. He was sociable and created a supportive environment that I felt comfortable in.10/10 highly recommend!
Tej GulatiTej Gulati
22:05 04 Jan 24
The first time I met with Itamar I was so relieved to finally find a tutor I'd enjoy working with! I've tried so many other tutors and none make it such an easy and enjoyable experience to learn with them. I worked with Itamar to improve my ACT scores and he helped me get a 35! Itamar really cares and it shows. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!