AP Biology Tutoring:

Make no mistake, natural life is the most complex thing in the known universe: so It’s no surprise it makes for a challenging class!


That said, many students hold the idea that biology is all about flash cards and memorization, and while that is true to an extent, many of the concepts of biology are much more intuitive than most students might ever believe. 

*  Why do we need messenger RNA? Because DNA needs to be protected.

*  What are the inputs for cellular respiration? Food that we eat, and air we breathe. 

*   Why did the chicken cross the road?…. you get the idea.


In a typical classroom setting, an instructor can introduce three of four new topics per day, leaving them often unable to address the simple truths that properly frame how life systems work and make biology an intuitive and fascinating class. 


With one on one private tutoring, your student will have the opportunity to fully consider these ideas, ask questions, and clarify all of the foggy notions they may have, creating a concrete and intuitive foundation that will allow them to better absorb all of the knowledge biology has to offer.


Additionally, your student will be able to explore any and of their natural curiosities and take us anywhere from genetic engineering, to nanotechnology, alien life, and all of the things that make natural life amazing!


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