ACT & SAT Tutoring:

Every student in San Diego knows a good score on the SAT or ACT is a critical part of a strong college application. 

Even in the age of schools going test-optional and not “requiring” a standardized test score, having a good one can only help their chances and set them apart from the crowd.

  So naturally, then come the questions:

“When should I start preparing?”

“What’s the best book to buy?”

“What score do I need?”

“Which test should I even take??”

And that’s all before we even talk about the questions on the actual test!

It’s a complicated process that, for most students, makes finding meaningful progress a frustrating experience. In fact, standardized tests are considered effective specifically when they manage to give the same student a very similar score every single time. 

Standardized tests are designed to make it hard to improve.


So what’s the best way for your student to succeed?

 The various books and materials out there are better than nothing, and going to school or university held group classes is ok for some. But for the vast majority of students nothing is more effective than a private tutor.

With private one-on-one tutoring we can guide you and your student through the entire process, providing a comprehensive and customized approach tailored just for them. We can accommodate to their schedule, assign testing and homework to target their specific needs, and guide them through our methodology that’s custom designed to tackle the unique world of standardized testing.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, a private tutor can be a friend or confidant, keeping your student accountable and motivated to bring out their fullest potential.

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